Best Vegetables To Grow in Pots at Home

You can grow many different vegetables in pots at home. For small gardens, this is ideal, but the size of pot is important.

Elho sell some of the best plastic garden pots for vegetables and flowers.

I love proper authentic Italian clay and terracotta pots but plastic pots are cheaper and less likely to crack in colder weather.

Usually with pots, the bigger the better, to allow the roots to spread out, enable stronger growth, and to prevent cracking when the root system gets too big for the pot.

However salad leaves such as lettuce grow well in shallow planters.

In this article, I’ll take a look at some of the best vegetables to grow in pots at home.

I’m also going to highlight some garden equipment you’ll need to grow vegetables in pots.

For example, runner beans need a supporting structure to grow up. Vegetable feed is also necessary for most vegetables grown in pots.

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How to grow vegetable seeds indoors

If you’re growing vegetables indoors, sow into small seedling pots and follow the pack instructions.

Some seeds require a light sprinkling on top of the soil. Some need to be placed below the soil.

Westland potting grit and Gro-Sure Vermiculite help provide extra drainage and open up the compost structure.

Mix in with the compost.

If you don’t have a greenhouse, sowing indoors is the best solution to start growing your vegetables from seed.

I cut up plastic fizzy drink bottles and place these over the soil to work as a mini greenhouse.

This tends to get great results as the seeds will germinate on a windowsill that receives sunlight throughout the day.

Make sure you water every 1-2 days using either a water spray bottle or small watering can for indoor plants.

Seeds should be kept moist at all times to soften the shell and allow germination to begin.

But ensure they’re not completely soaked. Too much water and it slows the germination.

You should start to seed your vegetables appear from the soil between 10-20 days.

how to grow seeds indoors on windowsill

How to boost vegetable seed growth in pots

Use a seed compost when that’s designed with the right nutrients to help seedlings grow.

Also sprinkle Grow Sure Seed Start across the surface of the seed pot/tray and lightly work into the surface.

Seed Start’s natural blend of mycorrhizal fungi and friendly bacteria improves germination by boosting root growth, locking in nutrients and controlling moisture.

For vegetables to grow in pots, they need extra help over those grown in big raised beds for vegetables.

best mycorrhizal fungi for seeds

Step 2 – Middle school – moving your vegetable into a bigger pot

Once you start to see your seeds growing into plants, take your pot and put the seed & soil into a larger pot.

Consider this the movement from nursery into middle school.

Use a different compost now such as Miracle-Gro All Purpose Enriched Compost or J Arthur Bowers Multi Purpose Compost. These have nutrients for more established growth.

When your vegetables in pots are more established, feeding them with a seaweed plant food is advised.

Or an all purpose liquid plant food.

Step 3 – Secondary school – move to final pot

Buy a pot that’s as big as you can have for your garden.

As your vegetable growth has now kicked on, move to the final pot. He’s a big boy now and growing fast.

I recommend buying a pot at least 30L in size. Preferably 35-50L. It depends on how much space you have.

Apply some Westland Bonemeal Root Builder into the soil to aid its growth.

Or an all purpose vegetable feed such as Gro-Sure 6 Month Slow Release Plant Food or Miracle-Gro Water Soluble Plant Food Tub

Best vegetables to grow in pots at home

Growing runner beans in pots

Runner beans are one of the easiest vegetables to grow in pots at home. One of the best vegetables to grow in pots too.

If you have runner bean seeds, start sowing indoors from mid-April. Then plant out towards the end of May / start of June.

If you’re sowing indoors, fill pots with seed compost and sow one seed per pot. Put the seed 2 inches deep and water.

Runner beans need support to climb so create a wigwam out of bamboo cane support stakes.

If you have more than one runner bean plant, place each one near each cane. So maximum three plants per pot.

Pinch the shoots out once they’ve reached the top of their supports to create new growth.

Ensure your runner bean plant has plenty of water. It gets thirsty. When the weather is hot, daily or twice daily feeds are recommended for mature runner bean plants.

Once the flower and beans have formed, feed runner bean plants regularly with vegetable plant fertiliser such as tomato feed liquid.

vegetables to grow in pots at home

Growing salad in pots – lettuce and rocket

There are different varieties of lettuce seeds for planting.

I’ve bought;

  • Lettuce – Lactuca Sativa
  • Leaf Lettuce – Lactuca Sativa Crispa (curly green salad)
  • Rocket – Rucola Selvatica

Lettuce leaves are one of the best vegetables to grow in pots at home.

It’s always nice to have a salad but shop bought packs go off so quick. Having your own fresh supply means you can have a salad whenever you want.

Mixed salad leaf seeds are a favourite because you have everything in one packet.

Salad leaves thrive in relatively shallow containers. Even a depth of 15cm can return positive results. Plant in wide trough planters.

For lettuce seeds, follow the packet instructions.

It’s generally best to sow between April and August for harvesting between May and October.

Rocket can be sown January through to August with harvesting between May and November.

Sow thinly across the soil. Packets will recommend either to a depth of 0.2 inches with a light soil covering or 0.4-0.6 inches for rocket.

Lettuce love sunny to partial shade with good humus rich soils.

You might want to buy protective garden cloches, chicken wire or garden fleece to protect your lettuce from snails and birds, especially sparrows.

If you find slugs are a problem, buy Nemaslug, a fast and effective natural slug control that’s safe for children, pets and wildlife.

Harvest lettuces by cutting rather than pulling when a firm heart has formed.

Growing tomatoes in pots

I’m growing cherry tomatoes right now.

Tomatoes are one of the best vegetables to grow in pots at home because they have so many uses in cooking.

They’re also enjoyable as a healthy snack.

Cherry tomatoes are generally seen as the easiest tomatoes to grow. They look decorative in a pot and provide lots of tomatoes from a single plant.

Try and pot your tomato plant in a pot that’s at least 30cm / 12 inches in diameter. Bigger the better.

Tomato plants needs regular watering and feeding with tomato fertiliser to keep a healthy crop growing.

Your first tomatoes should be ready to pick when ripe at the end of July. If your plant is healthy, it’s likely to keep cropping right through to September.

To support the growth of your potted tomatoes, you might want to buy a tomato growing cage or tomato tower.

Cordon tomatoes (also called vine tomatoes) require support. Bush tomatoes don’t. So it depends which you have.

Garland Green Plant Halos also get really good reviews on Amazon for tomato growing. They can be used in pots.

Green Plant Halos are described as an all-in-one watering and crop support solution, suitable also for growing runner beans.

garland green plant halos tomato support self watering

Growing asparagus in pots

Asparagus seeds are one of the best vegetables to grow in pots because asparagus is so expensive to buy in supermarkets.

However it’s not recommended to harvest them until year 3 so you have to be patient. But they’re well worth the wait.

One of the easiest vegetables to grow at home, it thrives on well drained soil and should be kept well fed.

Asparagus grows best in a sunny / partial shade site. Slugs and snails can feed on the seedlings so keep an eye for trails or sow indoors.

The RHS recommend buying 1 year old asparagus crowns to plant in March or April as an alternative to asparagus seeds.

In the early Spring, apply a general vegetable fertiliser or fish, blood & bone mix.

When potting, ensure you create a deep trench in the pot for the asparagus plant to sit on and work in well rotted manure.

Other vegetables to grow in pots at home

Aubergines, peppers, courgettes, beetroot, carrots, peas, radishes, potatoes, chilli and cucumber are some of the other best vegetables to grow in pots at home.

Ensure you buy big pots for these vegetables and place in a sunny spot. Smaller pots can lead to a lack of moisture and nutrients for the roots.

Feed with liquid fertiliser every two weeks. You’ll generally be looking to sow these in February to harvest later in the year.

Best vegetables to sow in May

  • Beetroot
  • Sweetcorn
  • Cucumber
  • Sprouting broccoli
  • Carrots

Best vegetables to sow in June

  • Pak Choi
  • Spring onions
  • Broccoli
  • Fennel
  • Pumpkins

Best vegetables to sow in July

  • Cabbage
  • Turnips
  • Chicory
  • Carrots
  • Beetroot
  • Runner Beans
  • Lettuce

Where to buy vegetable seeds and vegetable plants

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YouGarden.com vegetables

YouGarden have a good selection of vegetable plants – potatoes, onions, shallots and tomatoes.

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Gardening Express vegetables

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Potatoes are one of the best vegetables for pots but make sure you have a big pot to grow them in.

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How are you growing vegetables?

Tell us in the comments which vegetables you’re growing.

Offer some tips and tricks to our readers so we can all help each other grow delicious, tasty, vibrant veg.

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