Best Industrial Floor Lamps – Industrial Style Furniture

There are many different ways you can style a living room. One of the most popular is an ‘Industrial’ concept where an industrial floor lamp is the focal point of the room.

Industrial furniture is raw, edgy and urban.

From city-centre ‘loft’ apartment blocks and warehouse style accommodation, industrial interiors can be seen everywhere now.

Industrial floor lamps, industrial bookcases, industrial mirrors and industrial light shades are trending right now.

In this article, I’ll be taking a look at some of the best industrial floor lamps to buy online and where to buy them in the UK.

Industrial floor lamps with tripods, piping, arcs, metallic and wooden features.

Blacks, golds, silver, copper and brass.

Top Websites – Best industrial floor lamps

Made.com industrial floor lamps

Known for their cool urban-chic contemporary home furniture, Made.com have a fine selection of industrial floor lamps.

Their best-sellers include the Chicago Floor Lamp in black and copper, Alfred Tripod in black (over 300 reviews) and Ozzy floor lamp in black.

Made.com stock many colours in the industrial floor lamps range to go with any colour scheme, neutral or bold – Natural wood, green & brass, copper & gold, black & silver, grey & brass and brass & dark wood.

Many of the floor lamps come with express delivery, meaning your item will be dispatched within 5 working days, rather than having to wait 8-16 weeks like some deliveries from Made.com.

made com chicago industrial floor lamp black copper tripod

Chicago Tripod Floor Lamp

made com alfred tripod floor lamp industrial floor lamp black silver

Alfred Tripod Floor Lamp

made com ozzy floor lamp industrial floor lighting black

Ozzy Floor Lamp

Habitat industrial floor lamps

Habitat stock over 130 floor lamps but don’t give the opportunity to filter by ‘industrial’.

They wouldn’t be my number #1 choice for industrial furniture because most of the floor lights have wood tripods with soft cotton lamp shades. But there are two floor lamps worth listing.

I particularly like Shadow with its simple metallic lines and unique design. Not a lamp as-such as an industrial lighting feature.

The reviews are also really good on the website.

Absolutely in love with it-have had many compliments from visitors. Its so different from any other floor lamps and really is sunshine in a frame. It is a lot lighter in weight than I expected but have two kids running around constantly and there’s been no accident or wobbles. Inclined to get another for our windowless hallway.

habitat hadley floor lamp industrial floor lamp gold black brass

Hadley Floor Lamp

habitat shadow floor lamp industrial lighting industrial furniture

Shadow Floor Lamp

Value Lights industrial floor lamps

Filter on floor lamps + finish in brushed metallic, painted matt and polished metallic to bring up over 150 different floor lamps, many of which work in an industrial design.

Three industrial floor lamps that catch my eye here are;

Value Lights offer free standard delivery on orders over £50.

talisman black and copper floor lamp industrial floor lamp white marble base

Talisman Floor Lamp

morpho tripod floor lamp gold shade industrial floor lamp lighting

Morpho Tripod Floor Lamp

grey tripod floor lamp industrial floor lamp

Clipper Tripod Floor Lamp

Iconic Lights industrial floor lamps

Iconic Lights is the website we bought our industrial floor lamp from so comes highly recommended.

They even have an industrial lighting section on their website making browsing a breeze.

At the time of writing, Iconic Lights have 150 different industrial lighting solutions.

You’ll probably notice that both Iconic Lights and Value Lights look similar. They sell the same lights in a lot of cases.

But the industrial lighting range overall looks bigger here with more pipe floor lamps than other websites.

Iconic Lights sell the same Talisman black and copper lamp with diablo shade as Value Lights and the Morpho tripod floor lamp with gold inner shade.

I also LOVE the;

Iconic Lights industrial floor lamp industrial light black gold white marble Talisman

Talisman Black & Gold Floor Lamp

Iconic Lights industrial floor lamp industrial light black gold white marble Talisman drum

Talisman Floor Lamp with Black Drum Shade

Iconic Lights industrial floor lamp industrial light black copper white marble Talisman puzzle metal shade

Talisman Floor Lamp with Black Puzzle Shade

Iconic Lights industrial floor lamp industrial light morpho grey tripod floor lamp silver shade

Morpho Grey Tripod Floor Lamp

Iconic Lights industrial floor lamp industrial light starboard white chrome floor lamp tin can

Starboard White & Chrome Tripod Floor Lamp

Iconic Lights industrial floor lamp industrial light starboard matt black tripod floor lamp

Starboard Matt Black Tripod Floor Lamp

Amazon.co.uk industrial floor lamps

You’ll find anything you want on Amazon and industrial floor lamps are no exception.

They also sell a lot of metal pipe floor lamps.

4 of the best-sellers on Amazon are;

Cox & Cox industrial floor lamps

Like Made.com, Cox & Cox have a filter in the floor lamps category for industrial, making it easy to browse the range for our favourites.

There are 6 industrial floor lamps here, priced up between £150-220. Cox & Cox have quite high prices but their furniture is excellent quality.

I’d go for either the Arlington floor lamp in black or the Cicero floor lamp in matt black and brass. Both are slender, elegant and classy yet retain the industrial vibe.

Cox & Cox have Klarna payments on their website, meaning you can buy now and pay later, and run first order discount codes which are always welcome.

cox & cox arlington floor lamp industrial black floor lamp

Cox & Cox Arlington Floor Lamp

cicero industrial floor lamp cox cox modern matt black

Cox & Cox Cicero Floor Lamp

Maisons du Monde industrial floor lamps

Maisons du Monde are definitely one of the best home furniture websites and industrial floor lamps are a part of this.

They stock over 800 industrial furniture items and have them all listed in one category. Absolutely ideal to help style your home.

Search their complete industrial lighting category or browse through the floor lamps and tripods page where there are a few different themed lights.

My four favourite metal industrial floor lamps at Maisons du Monde are;


maisons du monde industrial floor lamp making of black metal tripod floor lamp

MAKING OF Floor Lamp

maisons du monde industrial floor lamp pastille black gold metal floor lamp

Pastille Floor Lamp

maisons du monde industrial floor lamp phaona black gold 3 spot metal floor lamp

Phaona Floor Lamp

maisons du monde arc floor lamp industrial copper

Sphere Floor Lamp

Lights 4 Living industrial floor lamps

Specialist light retailers are a great place to look for home furnishings such as floor lamps but aren’t obvious destinations when brands such as Dunelm and Wayfair are top-of-mind.

Lights 4 Living stock over 600 floor lamps!

You can’t filter by industrial theme but you can by certain colours and materials you’d associate with industrial furniture such as steel, copper, chrome, black and grey. You can also filter on tripod floor lamps.

My 5 best industrial floor lamps at Lights 4 Living are;

searchlight floor lamp industrial floor lamp industrial lighting copper

Searchlight Floor Lamp

2 light floor lamp industrial floor lamp industrial lighting steel wood

2 Light Steel Floor Lamp

3 light floor lamp industrial floor lamp industrial lighting black

3 Light Floor Lamp

tripod floor lamp industrial floor lamp industrial lighting

Tripod Floor Lamp

Nautical Floor Lamp

Lights.co.uk industrial floor lamps

If you go to the modern floor lamps page and filter on material aluminium / steel / other metals, there are many lights that could pass as being of industrial style.

Over 700 in fact!

Lights.co.uk also have a big industrial lighting range with wall lights and ceiling lights worth looking at.

These are my favourite industrial floor lamps on the website.

rust tripod floor lamp

Xirena Tripod Floor Lamp

tripod wooden floor lamp

Hilma Tripod Floor Lamp

arc black floor lamp industrial light

Jonera Arc Floor Lamp

silver tripod floor lamp industrial

Ebbi Tripod Floor Lamp

black tripod floor lamp industrial furniture lighting

Devon Tripod Floor Lamp

The Cotswold Company industrial floor lamps

The Cotswold Company aren’t a brand you’d associate with industrial floor lamps and you’d be right, they don’t really have much.

But there’s one lamp I really like and would buy – Hitchcock Floor Lamp.

Styled after the film lamps of the cinema, this cinematic floor lamp brings some vintage Hollywood glamour to your living space.

With a tripod base at just under £150.

Cotswold Co Hitchcock Tripod Floor Lamp Industrial

Hitchcock Floor Lamp

B&Q industrial floor lamps

B&Q stock some stunning industrial floor lamps.

My favourite is the online exclusive – Inlight parel pipe bronze effect incandescent floor lamp, 150cm tall.

I also really like the Colours Detroit Black & copper Incandescent Floor lamp and Acrobat Spot Painted Black Floor light, both would work perfectly in an industrial themed room.

You can get free delivery at B&Q when spending over £50.

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